born in Egypt, lives and works in paris 
lived in Egypt,NewYork,Italy 
fine arts academy-Alexandria , parsons school of design NewYork,
Accademia Belle Arti - Roma
solo and group shows and art competitions 
public and private collections all over the world,

My work inspired by personal experience and cultural contexts that reference Egyptian-African myths, the sacred realm which evokes the spirituality of human beings and their relationship to their inner mystical depth ,

I find that Islamic art and literature to be an “endless source of inspiration, full of mystical concepts, metaphors, knowledge, collected poems, verses, of miraculous and sacred values

In my work takes shape cyclic metaphors such as , sacred animals, light,  trees ,vases, gardens , calligraphy , contrasting  stillness and movement

In a narratives flow, as well as rational analyses with figures fixed within their own tradition and isolated from and by it in the contemporary world, supporting us in the original energy cycle of Space-Universe-Infinity

On the surface of the canvas I place paint , collage , and materials that evoke the ancestral earth of Africa, Through vibrant colors, dynamic shapes,  signs and symbols ,

 in a chemistry between cultural and religious influences , as the fusion of different artistic languages that enfold a global outlook to both art and life .

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